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Curated Streaming

Digital Cupboard presents our Curated Streaming service. Our boutique stream will always contain a fixed number of tunes. This number will be limited to what our curators believe are the best 1000 African Tunes around. These tunes will be changing constantly based on your interaction with the catalog. Tunes will feature in 3 Zones, The Championship, Promotion Zone and Relegation Zone. The league positions will be updated weekly. Relegated tunes will be deleted and substituted with fresh material. Listen to our Top 10 songs free of charge.

To dig deeper subscribe to our service now for R10 a month

Our Partner Program

Digital Cupboard will be running a partner program as a service to our subscribers. Every song in the Top 1000 will clearly indicate the label this music originates from. By clicking on the label link you will be given the option to extend your subscription to include all music from this label. The subscription link will ensure payment is made directly to the label concerned. This way you can support your favourite creative stable and provide those creators the means to continue contributing.

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